Some poetry written over the years. Hope you enjoy them.


~ Sunset ~

looking back at choices made
killing some time to save the day
the older i get, the less i wanna say
its not that important
things can go either way

how we face them & move on
without the electricity of lives
for a fact, i’d be gone
support, help them and always shine on
humanities cry that breaks every dawn

the senses of reality vanish in thin air
with technologies more aware
true messages received, are barely there
and get misconstrued
in a fixed steady glare

how we face them & move on
without the electricity of lives
for a fact, i’d be gone
support, help them and always shine on
humanities cry that breaks every dawn

~ bear ’17

~ Adventurous Doubt ~

sometimes i’m tying things together
sometimes I’m kicking things over
sometimes I’ll I go out
In adventures full of doubt…

the moments they arrive
with stealth & plenty of stride
like walking on thin ice
letting go of all doubt….

the points of redemption
are all I can mention
achievements blurred
through my own interventions…

sometimes i’m tying things together
sometimes I’m kicking things over
sometimes when I go out
In adventures full of doubt…

as the pain recedes
i constantly remember
the past adventures
as i slowly concede…

things are getting better
with each passing year
onward and upward
learning to freely live again…

sometimes i’m tying things together
sometimes I’m kicking things over
sometimes I’ll go out
In adventures full of doubt…

~ bear ’17

~ Profound ~


the turn of the wind
at the crest of the wave
the elements behind me
have crept up again

held in high regard
locked in to the road ahead
could fly off the rails
and descend instead

knowing the path
should’ve made it with ease
like the sun on my back
and warm subtle breeze

but it struck me down
like the crack of a whip
so quick and profound

forged the terrain
with stubborn abandon
breaking the wind
like a fire in rain

the horizon will break
the glow of the stars
and hold back these moments
so close to the heart

~ bear ’16

~ Sublime Remains ~

sometimes, when the sky is falling
and the floor is giving way
the birds, they come calling
keep the ground, is all i can say

the horizon can seem so blurry
to brighter lines for a lighter day
you want the pain to end in a hurry
as small gains, they fall away

looking back, to prove distance
strength gets measured on a timeline
understanding comes in an instance
as the pain, remains sublime

~ bear ’16 ~


~ Digitally Undone ~


setting a trap that blinds the eyes
sanities king stealing tomorrows crown
she snares the chain that’ll tie you down
better jump free, or be left behind

an obvious lust through a digital gown
each dance in her step, one letter at a time
will captivate the soul and steal the mind
get free while you can before you ‘come undone

seeking on the lonely, the tired and weak
they prey on the heart with each slow beat
hanging on each letter that crosses the i’s
you better dot your t’s before she concedes

gather your horses and head for the hill
the things you’ve let in are beyond your will
she’ll bury you deep behind shallow walls
and steal your soul as the rest of you falls

the illusion of companionship set from fate
gather your intuition and stand up straight
swing fast and steady with all of your weight
because the ruse of her gestures was the bait

so gather your strength, your common ground
crush the intuitions between each verbal sound
and cut through the lines that shined far behind
while breaking their game within their own mind

an obvious lust through a digital gown
each dance in her step, one letter at a time
will captivate the soul and steal the mind
get free while you can before you ‘come undone

bear ’15

~ Settle On Fair Ground ~

we traveled on through the dark of night
there’s a love thats burning so high tonight
my wings are clipped and i can’t take flight
these feelings are so strong of something bright

regaining all the ground that once was lost
blurred are the lines that we could cross
with truth to be told of getting caught
and broken hearts would be the cost

we agreed to settle on fair ground
with sheltered hands and loving sounds
but danger found us just lounging around
and smothered out the light that we had found

full of illusions that filled our heads
of things achieved with words unsaid
we left that sight back to our beds
confused by what the night had lead

once again the ground was lost
blurred by lines we hadn’t crossed
consumed by a moment that wasn’t sought
filled with the notion it was my fault

we agreed to settle on fair ground
with sheltered hands and love abound
this friendship built was tight and wound
our wounds were healed with loving sounds

~ bear ’15 ~


~ resilient blindness ~

distance somtimes
hides, in the presence

~ finding light ~

looking for the light
in the darkest of places
the situation unfolded
beyond all means of life

with strength, love, and support
pulling up from the ashes
that buried weight over weight
with everything new left to sort

one by one they begin to tumble
away from the shoulders
of minds running wild
each step taken without even a stumble

the horse that once threw
has changed its direction
staring directly back at you
holding a ground is the only thing i knew

it may run us over or scoop back up
the truth remains solid in time
calling me to rise again and bury the past
looking forward clearly to see what we find

bear ‘14


~ Rx ~

it snuck passed the defenses
crushed the essence
and tore down the fences

filled sight with allusions
of conscientious thoughts
full of delusions

flatlined the mind
numbed my heart
then left me behind

a pile of flesh and bone
to pick back up
and walk on my own

to gain control
of twisted thoughts
that were so damn cold

swallowed them down
with no train of thought
only the heartbeat of sound

left them behind
to spring from the trap
from a nightmare unkind

bear ‘14

~ full consciousness ~

something stirring in the mist
i cannot see through all of this
finding answers that don’t exist
getting out is what i wish

a mess was made from muddled eyes
the scene fading away like an ocean tide
through it at all i felt i should hide
not knowing which direction to confide

the seaming glow upon the horizon
the endless breech behind these confinements
of broken streams and scattered blindness
i awoken from darkness above this mindset

these wings were meant to hold the light
got cut down and grounded flight
to sore again passed this soulless plight
and run wildly throughout the night

the nightmares ran down stead fast
the walls tumbled in so very fast
this house of cards was not meant to last
got lifted out of this tight grasp

to shine again from all of this
and rain down light of lossless bliss
warm the hearts that once were missed
senses regaining full consciousness

bear ‘14


~ closing the doors ~

signs of life, signs of not
parallel symbols from things forgot…

experiences taken, building moments in time
of categories stacked we tend to combine…

being ourselves in the grande scheme of things
not attaching to each other lost in dreams…

cradling chances of solid routines
jumping through hoops outside of our means…

excitement for the unknown
the synopsis through life overgrown…

passing things forward
full of strings and chords…

holding a glimpse for a chance
to close all the doors…

~ bear ’13

~ halls ~

walking through the halls of my mind
the tunnels long and i am blind

choices behind me of days long gone
pulling at my heart strings fumbling along

looking forward towards eternities realm
living a full life this much i’ve earned

held high in the hands that bind
walking through these halls of my mind

~ bear ’13


~ sublime ~

holding onto time…
on a chance so sublime

when i looked inside…
i thought i found a light

there no such crime…
in learning each others minds

knowledge without sight…
is the beauty in all life

holding onto time…
on a chance so sublime

and when we looked ahead…
we felt secure in things we said

the waves crashed ashore…
and seized a moments galore

we’re walking down a road…
of stories yet to be told

holding onto time…
on a chance so sublime

~ bear ’13

~ low light ~

as i sat at the bar stool
the liquor ran hi
i was thinking all about you
as i drank in my pride

i watched all the rivers
run wild for awhile
brought on by shivers
that tore thru my side

i’ll leave it all here
within these walls of time
and the thoughts of you dear
are burning through my mind

and the roads that were taken
have crossed themselves off
while the ground that was gained
are lessons in the making

~ bear ’13


~ forever ~

moving forward, like a mime
idle passtimes, is a crime

pressing downwards, on the mind
holding onto, these prescious times

grasping lightly, from the pain
heigtened feelings, hoped to gain

cold chillings, can drive insain
casting outwards, to live again

seting fourth, a new platue
closing down, the things unknown

moving forward, like a mime
holding onto, these precious times

pressing downwards, on the mind
idle pastimes, is a crime

grasping lightly, from the pain
casting outwards, to live again

cold chillings, can drive insain
heightened feelings, hoped to gain

~ bear ’13

~ dream catcher ~

please go to sleep
rest your weary eyes

i’ll be right here
catching all of your fears

tomorrows a brand new day
full of things left to say

as the moon rises above
the stars will shine for all of us

as dreams take you away
know i love you everyday

so please go to sleep
leave your worries far behind

cause i’ll be right here
catching all of your fears

~ bear ’13


~ far from behind ~

shaking the branches
to rattle the leaves

the escape of uncertainty
by the hands of my means…

the sun that shined
in the back of my mind

has blinded me wildly
thus movement confined…

and shine once again
far from behind…

~ bear ’13

~ the game ~

theres been times i’v seen things,
shine across the water
theres been things i’v done
and things i dont care to remember

and the days flashed by,
through medicated eyes
looking for answers
through a thoughtless game of minds

the fun times ive shared,
have echoed through the stars
and memories saved
within lifes shallow bars

one thing remained true,
was the search for someone like you
put in destinies hands
that’d youd find me very soon

and in the back of my mind,
i stumbled into view
like the light from the sun
that brightens up the moon

then reality set in
and reared its evil head
and spun things around
to show me clarity once again

i smiled, grinned,
and turned to walk away
for the first few seconds
i thought i heard you say

as the sun broke the clouds
i realized it was good-by
with a heart felt thanks
and a tearful eye

the experience gained
i know ill soon forget
and place my heart in your hands,
in hopes to never regret

my creative love
to hold on to dear life
and break the truths
that shutter out all the denials

and the days flashed by
through medicated eyes
looking for answers
through a thoughtless game of minds

through a thoughtless game of minds

~ bear ’13


~ to all that dares ~

the meanings of strong feelings
sent amongst the lands
with words so briefly spoken
carried threw human hands

the receivers very unaware
of waves that brake upon their doors
while moving stone from here to there

to hold their breathe in silence
each tear is shed by light
the truthfulness and condolences
revealed beyond words with sight

to brighten up their darkest hours
and shine within every truthful tear
without any hidden powers

to have awoken a long lost love
all the things unsaid behind closed eyes
forced open by waves on distant shores
true emotional love felt from mine to yours

many moments shared in time
of days always held so clear
with a love thats shared beyond a rhyme

in hopes it gets paid forward
threw all it has touched
for each shared love adorned
to grow and grow long before its launched

each compliment earned
each compliment gained
was given to all to live once again

this love that is shared
can brake all the bounds
and open up to happiness
to all that even dares

bear ‘14

~ silent eyes ~

well i’ve seen the signs
just walking behind
these silent eyes

so i steered ahead
and lost the way
just playing in bed

well i choked on life
and got broke in the night
fightin’ this pain inside

to escape the day
and find my way
for things to say

well don’t care about
all the things without
and all thats left out

and i’m lighting the fires
that got caught in the wires
of a deaths desire

to fight through the daze
and jump in the waves
is all this heart craves

bear ‘13


~ forever adorn ~

caught by her essence
thrown back into life
its not your time she she said
so calm, so precise

helped them all build
from broken dreams stolen away
with this heart to wield
as they all say

they have chosen another
for which they will play

made to feel guilty
about times well spent
as they all walk away
leaving me to repent

want to close down the heart
and save what remains
from these souls that she’s destined
for me to always save

she holds the key, hidden far behind
an essence that stopped, the rising
away from this pain, so confined
the angel that rests, on the horizon

our work is not finished
nor near an end
there’s souls still left to save
to see her yet again

breaking through these locks
to cross over once more
and hold her so ever tightly
must be what all this is for

an eternity with her
forever adorn

~ bear ‘13

~ loves current ~

like writings in the sands
that waves take off the shore
love rides along the currents
sailing away from idle hands

the depths of the ocean floor
carry things left to be seen
and lands upon a shoreline
proving love is so adorned

all these things unknown
will wash away all fears
that love will forever grow
closing up old salted tears

as the wind crests the water
and reflects the shining stars
to wait in bated breathe
this love so strong it poors

the water the breaks upon the land
falls with each passing wave
and carries this love for all
in the oceans wakes to save

~ bear ’13


~ for you ~

we’ve seen all the signs
in the crossroads we wined
lost in todays minds, of life

told confidence abound
that in this life we found
how to brake thru the clouds, of love

we’ve heard all the cries
from all the passers by
in hopes that they find, a home

as life carries on
with each braking dawn
i’ll write down these songs, for you

~ bear ’13

~ yeah ~

tried my hands in love
and lost my mind playing in mud

washed my soul from deep within
and this is where life begins

its all ’bout the shoes i’m in
always judged outside the skin

and i got knocked down to the ground
well i stood back up without a sound

real love is a lost art
and this is why it falls apart

well i’m thinking of you right now
how the stars in your eyes cleared the clouds

~ bear ’13


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